Creative Kink Toys 
is taking a short break

We hate to be the bearer (and receiver) of bad and sad news -- but late last night our new off-site workshop had significant electrical issues. This post is not a "Go-Pay-Me" thing -- we do in fact have business insurance, property and casualty, etc --

Unfortunately, we're currently still assessing damage to stock. The equipment is a write off, but some of the stock was kept near heavy equipment, and suffered smoke, sparking, and foam/fire retardant-soaking damage - while other stock was kept in a separate, locked room.

We will be filling the last open orders which we are able to, with the stock we have, and issuing refunds and coupons for steep discounts on future orders for our other guests that we're unable to fulfill.

We hope to be up and running again in two weeks and will keep things updated -- we have several other new toys which were in the store room, preparing for Baltimore Playhouse Shop and Play - so look forward to those!

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