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Brass Skull Chain Flogger

Brass Skull Chain Flogger

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12" of American Ash, sealed and capped off with a solid brass skull walking cane tip, and nearly two pounds of chain for 20-22" of heavy chain flogger falls on the end.  Definitely for heavy sadists, masochists, and lovers of bruises!

  • Length: 12" Long, 18"-22" of Chain Flogger Falls
  • Width: 1.5" - 3" wide
  • Weight - Thuddy, much, MUCH heavier than it looks -- brass head balances it well
  • Sensation: Massively heavy impact from the chain floggers 
  • Flexibility: Very

WE ALWAYS SHIP IN DISCREET PACKAGING. Plain bags, black wrapped boxes or brown mailing tubes -- labeled "CK" or "CK Products" on the return label.

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