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Deep Purple Haze - Evil Oak Spanking Rod

Deep Purple Haze - Evil Oak Spanking Rod

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This authentic refinished oak rod is perfect for spanking and other forms of corporal punishment as part of a kink lifestyle. Its smooth, clean finish and thick weight makes for gorgeous lines on any ass - thicker than rattan, bamboo, delrin or acrylic, and with a natural wood grain that is beautiful.   A hand woven leather grip ensures a comfortable handful for the Top, while the bottom "enjoys" their playtime..

• Length: 24" or 30” Long
• Width: 5/8” Thick
• Flexibility: Solid
• Weight: Heavy
• Color: Deep purple, made with our in house dyes - two types of pink, two purples -- mixed to make a deep, multi hued purple shade.  
• Sensation : Penetrating. Deeply penetrating.

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WE ALWAYS SHIP IN DISCREET PACKAGING. Plain bags, black wrapped boxes or brown mailing tubes -- labeled "CK" or "CK Products" on the return label.

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