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Sadist Swagger Stick

Sadist Swagger Stick

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24" of Ash, heavily coated in poly to make it bleachable and cleanable.   White as the wood it comes from, just gorgeous.   And then the head -- Brass, aged beautifully, with a snake's bite -- the rear of the head is rounded enough to make for a good striker for hitting testicles, vaginal areas, anything good and sensitive. 

 Available with or without the nasty surprise on the end!   Without the "tail spikes", it's still a HEAVY piece of hickory, GREAT for spanking!

  • Length: 24" Long
  • Width: 1.5" - 5" wide
  • Weight - Heavier than it looks.   Aged Brass Head.  Stainless Steel Spikes.  
  • Sensation: Thuddy when struck with the head -- - bleeding and stingy, vicious when struck with the other end if you order the "tail spikes".  


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WE ALWAYS SHIP IN DISCREET PACKAGING. Plain bags, black wrapped boxes or brown mailing tubes -- labeled "CK" or "CK Products" on the return label.

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Please Be Aware - you are purchasing a blade - it has both a point and an edge, even if Dulled. By purchasing this, you are acknowledging that you are an adult in your jurisdiction, and will behave like one with this prop, which you understand can be used as a weapon. You accept responsibility, and liability for this. We shouldn't have to say this. But we do. So take a knife play class.

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