A Short Set of Tips on Cane Sizes - From cK's Sadism files...

A Short Set of Tips on Cane Sizes - From cK's Sadism files...

30" is good for...

  • Caning Full, Voluptuous Bottoms
  • Feeling "Like A Boss".  
  • Caning someone who is bound to a caning stand or bench.
  • Making you feel like the Authority on Discipline while stalking around waving it threateningly at your prey.  
  • Full open swings across the body
  • Looking sexy in photography pieces
  • Long straight marks across the round bits
  • Leaving marks like no rattan or rod ever will
  • Striking the fronts of both calves, or both thighs, while the sub is presentation slave positions.  

24"? Those are great for...

  • Chesticles
  • Knocking off clips and clamps with great accuracy
  • Single cheeks
  • Making Capital Letters With Multiple Strokes
  • Boy bits that hang low
  • Bottoms who do CrossFit
  • Thighs
  • Abs and Obliques

20"?  Those are best for...

  • Delrin canes, because their flex let's them "bounce back"
  • Bastinado on those cute little feetsies
  • Electrical play, if they are metal canes
  • Vaginal / clitoral caning (while bound, if possible)
  • Striking the exposed ends of Butt Plugs and inserted toys
  • The Meaty parts of the shoulders (where floggers fall, and only with GREAT caution and training).  
  • Single calves at a time.



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