Gallery of Shared Love, Bruises, Ouchies and Marks from our Toys

Names attached from Fetlife, Twitter, Instagram, Scene Names or other sources, whereerever possible --- if you have stuff to share, let us know!    We add them to the goodies, and put them on our Fetlife profile with credit (Twitter too sometimes!) and send discount coupons, or free toys, depending on how things are going! 


First - Cassandra Machiavelli, aka Ms_Machiavelli, the owner, with Lucille Ballbuster, DC's Premiere Domme!

Use photos of our toys by WheeledVet - an incredibly talented Scene Photographer --- 



Then there are the donated photos by different (marked) guests, loved ones and fans!    A lot of these were rewarded with free toys, discounts, SWAG, callouts on Twitter, Blogs, Videos and other cool stuff!  



And sometimes, our staff winds up bent over and assuming the position to test out new toys!   Does that make them lucky, or .... tell us?