Welcome to Creative Kink

Here at Creative Kink, we make Kink happen.    What's different about us?   Our toys are home made and handmade, with the same quality you deserve from stores and vendors.   We're a small, leather family owned business.   We build here in the USA, in the state of PA, and we're members of the local community - not just another retail store with an online presence.  

And you know what else is different about us?  We don't think you should have to spend $150 on a paddle, or $30 on a cane.   We think you should be able to have a full toy box, without an empty bank.  

We've been building fetish toys and equipment for dungeons since 2002, and building for private kinksters since 2009.   All kinds of goodies await inside our store, above and below, and we're always trying to add educational resources as well.   

Take a look below at our most recent toys on sale, and then browse our site for more beautiful, sexy toys.   

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