Collection: Canes

Our Canes are Something Special.    No simple Rattan or Bamboo here... you can go to a Garden Center for that. 

We take American Hardwood (bought here, from american suppliers) and we rehumidify it, straighten it, then either oil or seal it with lacquer and poly.   We do it all by hand, because we love what we do -- and we love knowing that out there, there are thousands of young men and ladies with ridges and welts on their bottoms, thanks to our work. 

  • Some of them we use our secreat In-House mixes of water and oil dyes to color prior to finishing. 
  • Some of them we seal in mixes of lacquers, enamels, oils, water or oil based poly's, and bake solid.   
  • Some of them we oil repeatedly to give a clean wood grain luster to, and an "aged historical wood" look to.