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Int.Property - Wheeled Vet

Kinky Tools and Perfect Toys for Wayward Girls and Naughty Boys

We started years and years ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Okay, so actually Kenova started years and years ago (in 2003), building furniture and toys for a few Pro Dommes in Philly and York. Miss Machiavelli joined things in 2009, and became the public face of the company 2 years later.  (That last photo is of our Miss Machiavelli, our Owner, along with Mistress Lucille Ballbuster, the Goddess of Washington DC.)

What we do is what we love - making things with our hands, and perverting materials into something cute and dangerous. We started out making toys for donation to local kink fundraisers, and that turned into a business of Kenova making toys and furniture for Pro Dommes and the occasional private kinkster. When Miss Machiavelli got involved, she reorganized things into "Creative Kink", and CK became a digital source for wicked kink sadistry. (We know that's not a word. It's an awesome not-word, though.)

Our entire concept is making solid, attractive, valuable toys and fetish tools for people to use and play with in their intimate lives. Toy that will last longer than corporate made cheapies, look hot in your hands, and feel just right on your unmentionables.

No, we don't make the $100 art piece paddles that you hang up and quake in fear at the thought of scratching - we make real toys, solid tools, and Brat-fearing pain implements.

Not that the brats would ever admit it... *sigh*

If you need to reach out to us, you can reach us at

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