About Us - Why Creative Kink?

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With that Stockroom place, and a dozen "Sheds", as well as a new crop of kinky retirees opening their garage as a "Master's Paddles" 'community owned business' every few months -- what makes Creative Kink different?   Well to start, we've been around in person and online (and in person some more!) with the same Leather, blood and Tribal family since 2002.   Some have gone, some have new have come, some have stepped down, and others have stepped up -- but we've always been the same core, the same principles, and the same rules. 

  1. Make solid, lasting Tools and Toys available that beginners can afford without cheating their safety.  
  2. Relationships are a higher profit than money or gold.
  3. Make the gear right, treat your guest right, and if things go wrong --- take responsibility.


Does it sound a little corny?    Probably.  Is it wood burned on a piece of oak hanging in the shop?    Yep.   Has been since 2002.   

All three are quotes (okay, paraphrased) from things my father (Kenova here) told me while I worked in his shop, growing up learning leatherwork, blacksmithing and carpentry.   


"Make things that last, that people can afford.  Frilly jocks help no one."

"Make it right"    "Treat your client like you'd treat a guest."   

"If things go wrong, take responsibility." 

"Building a good relationship pays off more than investment." 


So, why Creative Kink?    Because there are people out there who still have our original hand cut rock Maple 2" wide paddles in their closets from benefits held in 2002 -- we've been asked to sign a few of them at events.   We've had people bring in a bent steel cane (3/8" steel, don't ask me how in the world...but they showed us the bruises too....) and we replaced it on the spot.   

Because 22 years later, we may have an ENTIRELY different set of lines of goodies -- but we're still making the same delrin canes, steel rods, chain floggers --- and people who bought them in 2003 and 2005 are still showing them to us at play parties and asking for advice.  

We're here for the long run.  We're here for the meet ups with people who have half a bag full of our gear and a phone full of NSFW pics of their goodies covered in bruises.   We're in this community with you, and beside you, and you'll always be able to find us. 

If we were the guys who cared more about profit than people, we would have made our filthy Lucre and dropped out by now -- the owner has his MBA and has been offered buy-outs.  Take note; we're still here and we ain't goin' nowheres.