Knife Play, Don't Just Pack the Knives!  -- From cK's Knife Play files...

Knife Play, Don't Just Pack the Knives! -- From cK's Knife Play files...

Knife Play –

What should you pack (other than the knives)? 

These days, everyone’s got their little kits and their little toy bags – and believe it or not, that’s a good thing.   You can pick up a toiletry or makeup box at any Walmart or Target for less than $10, and have everything you need for an entire fetish ready to go to town.  

But while you’re packing the toys, don’t forget a few others things for your knife play…


  1. Rubbing Alcohol

This should be a no brainer, but the after care of knife play should include cleaning and disinfecting both the skin and the knives – and if possible, a quick wipe should be worked into the “before” play as well.    Please be aware, rubbing alcohol is a low level disinfectant – it should NEVER take the place of good negotiation questions like “do you have any blood conditions I should know about?” 


  1. Gauze Wrap and Paper Tape

Because no matter how good you are – there are going to be accidents.   Generally on your best night, when things are going great – that’s going to be the one time that that blade goes just a tiny bit too deep.   Or the night you mix up the dull sensation blade with the sharp edge play blade.   Be ready – and if possible, have a good course in first aid first. 


  1. 3”x3” Gauze Pads

These things are so useful it’s not even funny.  And not only for the above uses, when “oops” happen.   They are great for female partners on their monthly times, as well as making great wipe down cloths that are disposable and handle a good amount of cleaning chemical well.   They’re cheap too – try instead of your local CVS. 


  1. Sharpening / Honing Stone

The sound of a blade crossing a honing stone really gets the bottom’s nerves up.   If you’re responsible, you don’t actually /need/ to sharpen your blades just before playing…but it does wonders in setting the intimidating tone. 


  1. Water Bottle

Any kit needs water bottles.   Aftercare necessity number two, a water bottle.  


  1. Ziplock bag for “tainted” material packout

If you can’t get a sharps container (which you should look into, a small one is easy to find and you can generally drop off at your local hospital or needle-turn-in-station), then at least have a double packed zip lock for the night, and a separate solid container at home to immediately dispose of bio-waste.   Don’t just toss it in the trash – never a good practice to get into.


  1. Cotton Balls

These things are almost as good as 3 x 3 pads at applying rubbing alcohol or other cleaners.   And bonus – they can be used to remove makeup after a good crying jag when the scene is over.  


  1. Non-Latex Gloves (Cleanup Gloves)

Try to keep it inconspicuous during your bottom’s flight time…but clean up needs to be done with gloves.   Non-latex, in case of allergies – and easily available on Amazon or at a local drug store.


  1. Virucidal (Lysol)  

You know what rubbing alcohol won’t kill?   Most of it, Lysol will.   This is the kind of thing you use on your knives after a good rubbing alcohol wipe, then on the play surface itself.    Like momma always said – leave it cleaner than you found it.


  1. Chocolate Bars

Between endorphins, adrenaline and dehydration, your bottom (and maybe you!) will often need a serious pick me up in the easily-digested-sugar-department.   And chocolate makes such a nice, romantic snack…

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