CBT and using our Ball Busters / Boy Bit Breakers --

CBT and using our Ball Busters / Boy Bit Breakers --

We're writing this one, because we just feel that they don't get enough love.

Things for busting on boy bits, anyway.

Good tips and tools for CBT to remember:

  • Long canes are a BAD idea. Seriously. No fine control.
  • Short range Whips require a lot of practice. We've known a few Pro Dommes who learned by practicing with oranges and apples. There's nothing so terrifying as a whip cracking a few inches from your manhood. Just be sure to keep it from getting too close - the air displaced can do damage as much as the tail or popper of the whip.
  • Clips and clamps to non-veinous, non pierced areas are always fun. The real pain comes when you pull them off, though. ^_^
  • Squeezing the "boys in the bag" is a good start to any playtime. Crushing them is a bad ending. Be aware of your grip strength. Practice on cheap tennis balls, not golf balls. (even if they ARE small, and white, and dimply.)
  • Paddles are a so-so, bordering on bad idea. For the Top too...less bang for the buck. The best practical position for using them is with the boy tucking his boys back between his legs, and bending over. It can add some spice to a spanking. But...it also creates a hard wall behind them, so you're capturing them between a paddle and a hard place. Have fun, but be wary.
  • CBT Thrones. If you've never used them - find a local dungeon and rent the room! You haven't really tormented those itty bitty boy nuts until you've had the boy strapped to a CBT throne, legs stretched apart, with his soft parts all vulnerable. Kneeilng between his legs is a bonus - it keeps him subconsciously hard with a beautiful woman between his legs - so you get to play and torment the full package, not just the pool-boy-sized plaything.
  • If you're into CBT - get to know the anatomy! Heat in the wrong place can end your chances of having kids someday. Wax is fun - sterility not so much.
  • Be very, very careful with play around piercings. Infections grow like wildfire in that area, and are very hard to treat in the long run.
  • Get a set of small sized tools, just for the bitty boy bits. Every Domina should have one!

More to come...
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