What's in your Wall-..er...Med Kit?    (From Kenova's Member's Only Blog)...

What's in your Wall-..er...Med Kit? (From Kenova's Member's Only Blog)...

Today’s rant is brought to you by the letters E, and R.   No, seriously.   E, and R.   Like, the place your partner goes if you have nothing but band aids and booboo cream rattling around in your toy bag.

Between the job (law enforcement) and teaching (unarmed defensive tactics, offensive blade combatives, bdsm knife play & rough body play) and playtime in our lifestyle, I keep seeing the oddest combinations of medical kits.    See, this just hit me, while I was vending not long ago.   I watched a young-ish man with whip and claw marks up and down his back (hot, even to my semi-kinda-slightly-maybe-hetero normative self) walking around with three band aids on his back and nothing else.

Seriously.   Three band aids.  He was still bleeding in other places when he bent over and moved, but apparently the three magic band aids (they were cool colored, though!) were supposed to keep his blood off of things.   Rope.  Chairs.   Seat backs and tray tables.   (No, wait, that’s airplanes…)

Anyway.    Sorry.   The voices aren’t being quiet today.  (Bad voices!)

I’ve seen a lot of medical kits, and rarely have I seen one tailored to use.   I’ve seen generic Walgreens medical kits, I’ve seen a homemade medical kits with generic home-owner boo-boo supplies, I’ve seen one impressive box with tons of blood play supplies, and I’ve ever seen a tackle box with band aids, (non utility) scissors and bactine.

The blood play supply box?   Brilliant, mate.   For blood play.   I was impressed, seriously, with her.  (She was a volunteer at CCPS.   Or ‘he’, or ‘xim’, or ‘xher’, or whatever pronoun.   She was wearing a dress, and I’m old, so I’m using ‘her’ until corrected.  Or verbally assaulted.   Whichever.)  

She had a nearly full kit of virucidals, sharps containers, gloves, steri-strips and more.   I’m pretty sure she even had a pack of “brave little soldier” stickers in there somewhere for ouchies-on-age-players.

Impressive for blood play.   Which makes my point.

In my closet – being a list maker and a geek – I have a line of first aid boxes.   Labeled, in a nice little row.  One for teaching combatives, one for teaching (and doing) rough body play, one for bondage, one for first responder work, one for knife play, and one for “all purpose dungeon monitor” duty.   (You can pick up good, cheap plastic tool boxes at Home Depot or Lowes in the tool section for anywhere from $3 to $12.)

Does that make me special?   Nope.   (my rapidly failing mental health does that.)

It does make me occasionally prepared.  

So…what’s in your med kit?


General (& Basic) Suggestions?

Basic Play Kit 

  • Utility Shears 
  • Multi-size pack of band aids 
  • 3” gauze roll & tape 
  • Blood clotting powder / spray (CVS, or Amazon)
  • Spray on rubbing alcohol (spray on, because wipe on takes forever.)
  • Bactine / Iodine Spray
  • Virucidal Spray (Amazon has “baby” sized ones) 
  • Use & Toss wipes for the above items.
  • Condoms (you never know…) 
  • Baby Wipes (trust me on this one.  Happy fluids get sticky, fast.) 
  • Non-Latex Gloves 
  • Impact Activated Cold Pack 

Knife Play Kit

  • Utility Shears 
  • 2” and 3” gauze rolls and tape
  • Small “give-away” bottles of tea-tree oil or Vitamin E oil.
  • Blood clotting spray (powder won’t do it, check LAPoliceGear or Amazon) 
  • Bactine / Iodine Spray
  • Sterilizing Fluid for the Knives
    • (Sterilize before AND after play!)
    • (…and try to keep your knives in a separate container in your toy box)
  • Virucidal Spray 
  • Spray on rubbing alcohol 
  • Steri-strips and/or unopened single use tubes of superglue
    • (toss’em after every single use, no longer sterile) 
  • Aleve (Tylenol thins blood more than Aleve)
  • Non-Latex Gloves
  • Sharps Container (they make mini ones – check Amazon) 
  • Impact Activated Cold Pack 
  • Protein or Diabetic bar

(Some idiots teaching will tell you to pack a cauterizing pen.   Do NOT be that stupid.  If steri-strips or superglue won’t do it, you need an ambulance or a trip to the ER, not an amateur with a cautery pen.)  

(Other idiots will tell you to have knife sharpening tools in your kit.   DON’T.  Sharpening a knife leaves tiny metal shavings and burs on the blade or in the kit.  Those + Open Wound = bad time.  Sharpen at home.  Then re-sterilize.)  

(Still MORE idiots will teach you to use rubbing alcohol to sterilize play surfaces.   Rubbing alcohol is good for basic skin cleaning.   It will NOT sterilize play furniture properly.  A good community dungeon has special stuff for that.)  
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