Collection: Paddles

Have you had your daily dose of THUD today?    Our paddles are an interesting mix.... some of them are thuddy, heavy and bruising, guaranteed to move that ass, whether it's made of iron (your ass), or STEEL (our paddle).  

Others have spikes that are guaranteed to draw blood, leave marks, and make you a very, VERY Happy Sadist if you're the type of heavy, hardcore player that we've come to know over the years. 

"Heavies" over in "Heavy Masochists" are the add ons to our Paddles from over the years.... Sword Paddles, Spanking Gloves, Steel Ball Beaters (Like a Sap, but filled with steel balls, woven into cords), steel belted spanking tools...all kinds of "Heavies" that aren't quite the shape of a paddle, but DAMN they do the job.